Frequently Asked Questions

How do your online training programs work?

My online training programs are specifically designed to provide personal, one on one instruction online to help you reach your individual goals.

When a client purchases a new program, the first thing I do is send a list of questions to help design the individual plan for that client. The questions detail the client's specific goals and training history, current diet and training, food preferences, available equipment, daily schedule, and other important information.

When I receive the client's responses, I send any follow up questions I may have, then begin designing the personalized program for that client based on their specific answers. Depending on the type of program we are doing, I may also request starting pics so I can see how the client is looking at that time. It generally takes 4– 5 business days from the time that I receive a client's answers for me to complete and deliver each personalized program. Exact delivery time can vary depending on the time of the year, my current schedule, or the client's schedule, so I will discuss and confirm the exact delivery and start date with each client when they purchase. Programs are delivered in printable pdf format.

Included with each program is a progress log that helps track measurements and weight information throughout the program period. In addition to the progress log, I request that each client email me a short update weekly to keep me informed of their progress. I will monitor each client's results based on their updates and adjust their program as needed to keep them progressing as planned. Updates are an important part of the process. Clients who keep me updated on their progress will definitely get the best results from their program.

Clients may contact me as often as they need to during their their program period. I have clients who check in once per week and I have many who check in several times per week, or even every day! There is never any additional charge for consultation or communication with clients. 

I use WhatsApp messenger for client communication.  Using WhatsApp Messenger allows me to keep my client communication separate from all the other texts and emails I receive.  I only have my active clients in WhatsApp messenger so I can easily see when I have received a message to respond to.  WhatsApp also works very well for sending progress pictures and videos, as well as live video chat and voice calls if/when needed. 


Is the price listed for your programs the total price, or is that a monthly price?

The price listed for all my programs is the total price for the program.  There are never any additional monthly charges, or any other charges for communication or updates or program changes, etc.  The single price covers you for your entire program period.



Why are your programs less expensive than other coaches charge?

For four decades, bodybuilding has been a passion of mine. When I started bodybuilding, there were no online coaches, there wasn’t even an internet! I learned everything from reading every book and magazine I could find and watching the limited amount of bodybuilding programming I could find on TV. Yes, back in the late 80’s they actually showed the NPC Nationals on TV! I did my first competition in 1988 and I learned how to pose by watching Shawn Ray compete as a Light Heavyweight on the rebroadcast of the 1987 NPC Nationals on ESPN.

I had to learn a lot of things the hard way (or at least the LONG way ) when I began working to build muscle and eventually compete.  I enjoy helping people learn from my 30+ years of experience and knowledge and I care deeply about helping people do things the right way the first time so they don’t have to learn the hard way.

Bodybuilding is an expensive sport, especially for the first time competitor. It’s important to me to be a resource for competitors that is affordable so they aren’t doing it all on their own, or paying a ridiculous amount to a coach who only started competing themselves a few years (or months!) ago.

I try to set my prices so that the competitor is making an investment and they are bought in to the process, but also where the price is affordable and a client can get personalized coaching and instruction without going into debt.  Rather than make a lot of money off a client one time, I would rather establish a relationship and work with a client over the long term and have that client refer others to me in the future.
I love this sport and it’s my goal to be a resource to allow my clients to achieve their best possible physique and win at a price they can afford.


Are your programs only for Bodybuilders?

Absolutely Not!
In fact, a large number of my clients are "regular people" who's goals are to improve their personal appearance, health, and energy levels. My nutrition and training programs utilize many of the techniques that have worked for decades for bodybuilders. I apply these principles of fueling your body to build muscle and burn off fat in a way that everyone can follow. I design each personalized program based on the goals of the client, and take into account the client's experience and comfort level with resistance training, and their specific situation.

I do also work with bodybuilders at every level of experience, from first time competitors to some of the top National and Pro level competitors in the world. If you are a competitor, or thinking of competing, I can definitely help you bring your best ever physique to the stage.
No matter what your health and fitness goal, I can design a program to help you reach it!
Whether your goal is Fat Loss, Building Lean Muscle, or changing your entire body my Personalized Online Nutrition and Training Programs will start you on the road to a new you!

Are there any specific foods or supplements that I'm required to buy, or any hidden costs to your programs?

There are never any required supplements to buy. I will generally recommend a few basic supplements in the beginning that will help ensure each client gets the optimal nutrition to reach their goals and maximize endurance and recovery during and after their training. In most cases, the only supplements I recommend in the beginning are a basic Whey and/or Casein Protein supplement, and branched chain amino acid (BCAA) supplement. Even these supplements are not required, and I can offer alternative suggestions to those who want them.
For more advanced clients, contest prep clients, or for those already using supplements, I can recommend specific additional supplements to accelerate progress if they are interested.

Once a client has purchased their program there are never any additional required charges and no monthly fees.  All foods included on my programs are basic items that can be found at any regular grocery store. There are no exotic or unusually expensive food items included. Each nutrition plan will detail the specific foods to eat at each meal, as designed based on the goals of the client and the client's answers to their program questions.


Do You Only Work with Natural Competitors?

Over the past 30 years of working with clients I have helped both Natural and Enhanced competitors compete and win at the highest levels of their sport. I am very experienced with the supplement protocols for both Natural and Enhanced athletes. I won a Natural Pro Card in Bodybuilding in 2005. Later in my career I worked directly for Author L. Rea, one of the worlds leading experts on chemical muscle enhancement and PED use in Bodybuilding, and I learned a tremendous amount about bodybuilding protocols from him. Whether you are Natural, or Enhanced I can coach you on the best possible use of supplements or PED’s to be your best on stage. I always focus on the safety of the athlete and I will never tell you that you have to use PEDs to compete. If using PEDs is your choice and your decision, I will help you with the knowledge to use them safely and effectively. Please note that I do not coach competitors on how to use banned substances for natural competition, and I do not sell or provide any supplements or PEDs.


Do I need to belong to a gym to do your training programs?

Definitely not! I have many clients who train at home. It's important to understand that I don't have “One Program” that I give to all clients. Each nutrition and training program is designed based on the equipment and resources available to each client.
It is true that the more training equipment a client has available, the more options I have for their training. I will design the most effective training program possible based on each clients individual situation and the resources they have available.  During COVID I came up with some very creative ways to help my clients train at home!

Will my program be the same as someone else's?

No two programs are ever completely alike. Each program is designed based on the goals and specific information from each client. Over the past 3 decades I have developed many training and diet strategies that have proven themselves to work very well. I like to incorporate these techniques into my programs whenever possible, so there may be some similarities between plans. Also, if I am designing a program for couples or friends who will be working together, I often try to incorporate the same foods and exercises where possible for convenience and support. Although I do use my proven diet and training methods from plan to plan when possible, I always design each program to the schedule, preferences, and particular needs of each client, so each program is truly personalized and unique.

Do I have to take Before and After Pictures?

Progress pictures are not required for non competitors, but definitely encouraged if you have the ability to take them. Progress pictures can often provide better feedback about your actual progress than changes in weight or measurements. Even if you don't send them to me, I encourage you to take Starting and Ending pictures so you can see your progress for yourself! Also, please note that all correspondence with clients, including pictures, is kept strictly confidential. I will never share or post your pictures anywhere without your expressed permission.