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Complete Contest Prep Program for Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness, Bikini, and Physique Competitors


Includes Up to 16 Weeks Of In Person or Online Prep!

I will personally develop a comprehensive contest prep nutrition and training program to bring your best possible physique to the stage. Each contest prep program is designed specifically for each client based on their goals, daily schedule, training and diet history, available equipment, and other individual characteristics. Whether you are training for your first show, or competing at the Pro level, I will use My more than 30 years of contest prep experience and extensive knowledge of sports nutrition, supplement science, and stage presentation to help you bring your best ever physique to the stage.


I offer both Online and In Person contest preparation packages. Both My online and in person packages include personalized nutrition and training programs designed specifically for each client. My In Person packages include up to 16 In Person Posing and Walking Practices to perfect your stage presentation for no additional charge ( $550 Value ). For my online clients, I have developed a system to perfect your posing through online video practices through WhatsApp, Facetime or Zoom and this is included for my online clients for no additional charge.




Below are the full features of my comprehensive Contest Preparation Packages:


Personalized Competition Diet

Detailed Contest Prep nutrition program to take you from off season form all the way to the stage. Your personalized plan will be designed based on your schedule, training and diet history, your personal metabolic calculations, and the contest condition required for your division and organization.


Personalized Training Program

Contest Prep Cardio and Weight Training routine designed to bring you in ripped and ready. Your personalized plan will be based on your schedule, training history, and available equipment.


Detailed Final Week Prep Instructions

The crucial final week of prep, including carb depletion and loading, dropping water, contest color, and show day instructions will be provided to you so that there is no guess work about what to do during the final week.


Posing Instruction

The In Person Contest Prep package includes up to 16 In person posing practice sessions where I will teach you the proper way to perform all the mandatory poses for your division, and teach you how to walk and stand on stage. Don't let your hard work go to waste! Presentation is a huge component to success on stage. Make sure you are ready to display your physique in the best way possible!


Online Posing Instruction with Photos and Video ( For Online Prep Packages )

I have developed a system to fine tune posing, even for my online clients. Through a process of using digital photos, video, and online practices, I can help you prefect your posing and presentation entirely online.




Supplement Consultation and Recommendation

Michael has had extensive experience working in the supplement industry and an in depth knowledge of modern sports supplementation. He will design and recommend a supplement plan based on your specific needs and available budget to help achieve your best possible condition. No specific supplements are required for the contest prep program and the use of any and all supplements is entirely up to each client. I have more than 2 decades experience coaching Natural and Enhanced athletes and I am an expert in the supplement protocols for both Natural and Enhanced athletes. 


Updates and Revisions to your Diet and Training throughout your Contest Prep

I will update and revise your Diet and Training program as you approach your contest to keep you progressing toward your best possible condition. There is never any additional cost for additions or revisions to the elements of your program listed above. One price covers everything!

Unlimited support is also included during your contest prep. There are never any additional charges for support or consultation during your program.




I will personally answer your questions related to competing, covering topics such as:

Choosing the right organization to compete with based on your physique and goals

Choosing the right division to compete in - (Bodybuilding vs. Figure vs. Bikini) etc.

What to expect at the Weigh-in Meeting

What to expect at Pre-Judging

What to expect at Finals

Suit and Shoe selection for Fitness, Figure, and Bikini

Choosing the right tanning products and how to properly apply them

What to bring with you to the competition

Any other questions you have about competing!


Don't make rookie mistakes! Go into your show knowing that you are prepared and ready to take the stage and be your best!




Please let me know if you have any additional questions about the program. I will be happy to answer any questions you have, and look forward to the opportunity to help you prepare for your next show.


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